Each person has his or her own challenges, life issues, and difficulties and if we could pull back the curtain and see backstage into the real lives of each person, you would see a more accurate picture. You would see how people really get through their daily lives, the decisions they make, and even the why behind the choices they make. Ultimately, when everything is stripped away, it comes down to FAITH.

On this episode of Family Talk, listen to John and Josee Waller share how they’ve learned to live completely by faith.

"Orphan" official music video. Inspired by our true adoption story. The little girl in this video is actually our adopted daughter, Anna, playing herself. I had my sister and brother in law step in to portray Josee and I.

"As an adoptive father, this song touches my heart so much. We need more songs like this!"

Mac Powell (Third Day)

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