Are pocket pussies close to the real one?

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Talk about the latest buzz in the current sex toy world and it has to be pocket pussy. By definition, a pocket pussy can be technically referred to as artificial vagina which helps men to enjoy hands-free masturbation. Yes, you have various kinds of masturbation aides for men today. But what gives pocket pussies an upper edge is that they are strategically designed like a real human vagina to create a more realistic feel.

Now, there is a common question among men who have heard of the toy but haven’t used it before- are these toys close to the real one? If you want the answer in one line, the answer is they are somewhat similar to that of a vagina of a woman. But, there are two major factors that decide how close a pocket pussy could be with that of human vagina. These two metrics are the material of the toy and the design of the pocket pussy.

Depends on the material

A real human vagina feels soft and warm owing to the fact that it’s a part of a living being. When it comes to pocket pussy materials, UR3 and cyberskin are the best choices to emit that life-like feel. These materials carry a very realistic feel and when you touch them it feels like you are almost touching a human skin. So, yes, if you can buy pocket pussies made of either of these two materials, you will get an almost realistic feel. But, then, both these materials are way costly compared to other materials used for making pocket pussies. However, quality comes at a price. So, if you are looking for good investment, cpunt on a pocket pussy made of UR3 or cyberskin.

Another good option is silicone. The material is soft, comfortable and also body-safe. It cannot compete with the cyberskin or UR3 when it comes to creating a perfect lifelike feel but it creates a better experience compared to other materials like jelly rubber or latex. Also, silicone is more economical than cyberskin or UR3.

In regards to the warmth of real vagina, that you cannot get with any of the materials discussed above. For that, you would have to soak the toy in warm water before using it.

Depends on the design

As mentioned previously, closeness of a pocket pussy to a real vagina also depends on the very design of the toy.

Real human vagina features both ridged sections and smoother parts. This very variation of textures in real vagina helps to create a powerful stimulation for penis. So, if you want a lifelike feel, check carefully the sleeve of your chosen pussy toy. It’s suggested to look for a toy that comes with both ridges and smooth textures of a real life vagina. Now, not all pocket pussies are designed with bumps and ridges. Mostly, they are very smooth. So, be careful about checking the design of the toy while buying a one.

A good option would be a silicone toy designed with bumps and ridges that is seen in a real vagina. This way, you will have a toy that almost feels like a real vagina and that too without shelling out a lot of money.

Now, it needs to stress here that pocket pussies are just toys and they cannot resemble a human vagina in totality- no matter whichever material you use. But one thing for sure, they are amazing masturbation aides and will reward you with more intense stimulation. Also, with pocket pussies, you will enjoy the thrill of trying something completely new and out of the box.

In fact, the toy is not just for single men who don’t have partners. You will love it even when you are a married man or have a steady girlfriend. Don’t worry, chances are unlikely that your partner will have qualms about it. If there is a misunderstanding, assure her that the toy cannot ever replace her warmth, touch and love. It’s just a pleasure toy which will help you to explore some new experiences and enjoy hands-free masturbation. A pocket pussy will also be handy when your partner is tired but you are all charged up to wank off.

Tips to buy a pocket pussy

After the discussion above, you must be all excited to get a pocket pussy for yourself. That’s great and here are some tips that will help you to find the perfect pocket pussy for you.

Mind the size

Pocket pussies come in different sizes but not all would be suitable for you. To understand the right size, you should first take a measurement of your penis. If you end up buying a toy that’s smaller than your penis, you would only get hurt. Find a toy that can accommodate you comfortably. There are small ones which are around 3.5” in length. But if you want bigger versions, you will get toys that are 9” in length as well as 2” in girth.

Also, contemplate where you are going to use it. If you are going to use it only at home, you can look for bigger toys. Some of the pocket pussies are really big and they come with the whole pelvic region to create a more realistic feel. But, you can’t carry them anywhere and you have to use them inside the privacy of your home only. But, if you want a pocket pussy that you can carry just anywhere, look for smaller ones like the one with 3.5” length.

Check the reviews

Don’t just settle with the first pocket pussy you come across online. You must be all charged up to use them but don’t buy in a rush. There is no guarantee that the first one you see would be perfect for you. So, always make a shortlist of at least 4-5 ones and carry a comparative review on them before you make the final call. The one you choose should be backed by rave reviews from experts and great ratings from users. has received mostly positive reviews, so it would be very smart to buy some products from them.